General Gynecology

General gynecology focuses on the female reproductive system. Unlike obstetrics, which focuses primarily on childbirth and the welfare of the mother, general gynecology deals with ailments related to the cervix, ovaries, vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes.

General Gynecology Services

General gynecology services typically include:
Bone Density Evaluation

Contraception, including Long Acting Reversible Contraception

Hormone Replacement Therapy


Incontinence Treatment



Yearly Exams, including breast and pelvic exams

And more

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Establishing a Gynecology Doctor

No matter if you’re experiencing your first period or navigating menopause, it’s important to establish a relationship with a gynecologist you trust. He or she will walk you through the different stages of your life and provide guidance on any steps you need to take to keep your health in tiptop shape!

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