Obstetrics is a field of medicine related to pregnancy, childbirth and the wellbeing of the mother and her reproductive system. Unlike gynecology, obstetricians focus on providing care during your pregnancy; however, most obstetricians are also trained in gynecology, known as OB/GYNs.
An obstetrician is trained in pre-pregnancy health; pregnancy; labor and childbirth; issues related to childbirth; genetics (and counseling).

Obstetrics and Your Pregnancy

Your obstetrician will provide healthcare and guidance throughout the entirety of your pregnancy.
These healthcare services include:
Monitor you and your baby’s health.

Your obstetrician will check you and your baby’s health through ultrasounds, tests and measurements.

Check for underlying conditions.

These conditions include high blood pressure, infections, genetic disorders and diabetes.

Provide guidance.

Your obstetrician will provide you steps on staying healthy through diet and exercise as well as medications you need to take.


When it’s time, your doctor will also deliver your baby or babies.

Offer coping mechanisms.

You will receive information on how to deal with common conditions related to pregnancy, including heartburn, morning sickness, back and leg pain.

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After Pregnancy

Your obstetrician will provide healthcare after your pregnancy to ensure that you and your child are healthy. He or she will work with nurses, physician assistants and other health professionals to provide care.


After your pregnancy, your body will undergo changes that require special care, both physically and emotionally. We recommend making a postpartum follow up visit with your doctor six weeks after your baby’s birth.

Scottsboro OB-GYN: Your Source for Obstetrics

Scottsboro OB-GYN’s healthcare professionals provide compassionate, comfortable obstetrics for you and your baby. Our trained doctors are certified OB/GYNs, so they are able to provide healthcare before, during and after your pregnancy — and for all medical services related to womanhood.

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